Virtual Conference Guideline

Virtual Conference Guideline



ICoFA 2021 is held in the form of a virtual conference using the Zoom Application. Each session consists of 1 host, 1 moderator (for keynote speech) or Session Leaders (for paper presentations), presenters, and attendees. The host is in charge of facilitating the technology used. The moderator or session leader is responsible for coordinating each session and fasilitating the question and answer session.

All meeting Ids, passwords, and technical meeting schedule are sent to attendees’ emails. Meeting IDs are also uploaded on the ICoFA 2021 webpage. Attendees can join the parallel sessions specified by the committee. If an attendee joins before the session begins, he/she must wait until the moderator/session leader opens the session.


  • Participants must activate the video and use the virtual background that the committee provides at the following link:
  • The presenters have to present their articles in live presentation
  • The moderator or session leader deactivates all attendees’ microphone during the presentation (duration limit of the presentation is 10 minutes) and continues the question and answer session for 10 minutes.
  • During the question and answer session, other attendees can ask questions. All attendees must obtain permission from the moderator if they need to leave the session.
  • Attendees are allowed to take a break but need to make sure the Zoom application remains active and the microphone is off (muted)


  • You are permitted to join any session that you are interested in by using the link provided on the web page of ICoFA 2021. Please note whether the room you are interested to join has reached its maximum capacity limit or not.
  • As the Organizing Committee, we ensure the smoothness and productivity of the virtual conference.

After the presentation finishes , there is a brief question and answer session moderated by the Moderator or Session Leader.

During the question and answer session, the Moderator or Session Leader offers attendees of the session to ask questions and select the questions. Due to time constraints, we understand that not all of the questions can be addressed. The Session Leader makes sure that all questions are completely addressed.

  • The Organizing Committee may mute the attendees’ microphone if needed.(Please understand the limited time/duration in the question and answer session. Attendees can discuss with the author/presenter offline).
  • You are not allowed to introduce yourself when you join or leave a session.


  • 10 minutes before the scheduled session: Host starts the session using the Zoom application
  • 2 minutes before the scheduled session: Host starts recording
  • 1 minute before the scheduled session: Session Leader opens the session
  • Opening of the scheduled session: Moderator or Session Leader introduces presenters. The presenters present their materials using the *.ppt/*pptx sent to the committee and the Moderator start the question and session.
  • End of the scheduled session: Session Leader draws conclusions from each session and check the attendance and then Host ends the session.

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