Politeknik Negeri Jember, Indonesia will be holding online scientific conference, entitled The First International Conference on Social Science, Humanity and Public Health (ICoSHIP). Theme: "Transformation of human behavior during the COVID-19 outbreaks: Challenges for future global well-being".

The impacts of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on human life are huge and systemic. While we are collectively trying to handle the increasing spread of virus infection, the unprecedented changes seem to be inevitable. The ways we think, communicate, behave, learn, work, socialize with others, and do daily activities have been reshaped in different ways from those in previous times. Therefore, a logical consequence is the overwhelming changes in many fields including health, education, economy, business, social, culture, tourism, arts, and others. The challenge is big and complex because it is global, multilevel, multidimensional, and multidisciplinary. What will happen in the near or long future will depend on what we are doing at present. Therefore, scholarly contributions across disciplines are encouraged in order to inform solid consensus on how we shall act within the pandemic and sustain a visionary endevour towards the future global well-being.

The First ICoSHIP is initiated and hosted by Politeknik Negeri Jember, a vocational higher education in Indonesia, as a response to the need for encouraging the most current and relevant studies or researches in Social Science, Humanity, and Public Health. Right now, the most current issues which influence the people’s life are those related to coping with this pandemic. Therefore, the conference offers international educators, academics, researchers, policymakers, and leaders with the challenging global perspective on “Transformation of human behavior during the COVID-19 outbreaks: Challenges for future global well-being”. The conference will present insightful and visionary keynote speakings delivered by the experts from Indonesia, UK, and Malaysia.

For those who are interested in doing presentations and publications, we encourage interesting, relevant, and quality papers to be presented virtually at this conference. The expected papers are those which extensively address the most crucial and unique issues to contribute more significantly to people’s life during the COVID-19 pandemic. The parallel sessions organized in this conference are aimed to open opportunities to share information, ideas, innovations, and research findings in the areas of Social Science, Humanity, and Public Health. Since we are in a pandemic situation, the conference and all presentations will be done virtually.

Possible areas of contribution to this conference are:

  • Social Science and Humanity (Communication studies, Economics, Education, Law, Language, Culture, and Linguistics, Psychology, Sociology, Tourism, Anthropology, Arts and Religion)
  • Public Health (Behavioral science, Health education, Biostatistics, Environmental health, Epidemiology, Health services administration, Health behaviour, Health services management, Health policy, Health information system, and Nutrition)

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